Birkbeck School of Law Releases Statement Against Cuts

The Birkbeck School of Law has put up a brief statement against the cuts on their website. This follows from a discussion involving both staff and students that took place at the end of the school meeting in the Council Room that was interrupted by the group that brought about the Open Birkbeck space. The statement reads as follows:

The School of Law at Birkbeck College publicly expresses its opposition to the proposed cuts to, and privatisation of, higher education. The Law School affirms its commitment to uphold the founding mission of Birkbeck College to provide open access to higher education.


One response to “Birkbeck School of Law Releases Statement Against Cuts

  1. I fully support the protest against the Government.Not going to work though.The political system is what needs to change.For a number of years i have sought help to get started on this project.None offered,by,i feel is the only way to go.Most people deplore Racists.Surely one or two of you must be able to see the value in such a party.
    Racism is,the be all and end all,of the majority of problems that the world faces.Stop chipping away at the wall with nail files,in certain places.Join together in ONE spot.They will take notice then.Good Luck

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