Keep an eye on this page (or rather, a tab open) for updates regarding what’s going on at the Open Birkbeck space!


Thursday, 9/12/10

9.30-11.30am: Roundtable Discussion – Open Birkbeck: Where next? (brought the Council Room reclamation to a fine close!)
If you’ll be in the Bloomsbury area and have some time to spare before the march starts at noon, do come along to discuss how the Open Birkbeck initiative can and should develop in the near future even as we continue our struggle.

Wednesday, 8/12/10

6-9pm: ‘Open Mike’ Discussion (over, thanks all for participating!)
All are welcome to contribute to the debate surrounding higher education at this juncture of our history. Among the topics that will be talked about (and what is actually raised depends on each of you who attends and participates!) are the radical beginnings of Birkbeck, the political function of intellectuals, and the relationship between anarchism and education. Come, bring some ideas, and be prepared to speak up for a few minutes on anything that you feel is relevant to our situation (or just come and listen)!

9.15pm-late: General Meeting (over, brilliant turnout! thank you all!)
This meeting will decide, inter alia, upon the demands/focus of the Open Birkbeck initiative. Everyone is welcome to come and contribute towards the construction of the ideas that will drive this ‘project’.

Last updated: 10/12/10 1.07 a.m.


2 responses to “Programme!

  1. Hey,

    Congratulations from the Goldsmiths occupation! Please could you add us to your solidarity list and friend us:

    Facebook: Goldsmiths Occupation

    In solidarity,


  2. Congratulation from France for this occupation and this social movement for an equality at high-school.

    From Italy to England, From Nepal to US, students rise for social equality at school.

    Vive la lutte !

    ps: i realy like the banner with french philosophy books inside 😉 .

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