Events Coming Up This Week

The following events are coming up this week. Print out our flyers attached below and circulate them around your workplace, school, university, etc!

26 January 2011 – Save EMA: National Walkout and Demo
Central Rally, March to Parliament
Time: Circa 3-4pm
Meeting Point: Trafalgar Square

Teach Outs, Open Mics, Silent Disco’s and more…
Time: 5pm
Support students taking action in major London train stations, sit ins, teach outs, music events, public rallies, occupations etc. Make contact with RMT workers to get support.

29th January 2011 – National demo – No Fees, No Cuts! Defend Education & the Public Sector!

Gathering Point for March to Parliament: ULU, Malet Street
Time: 12 noon

This demonstration is being officially backed by PCS, GMB and UCU. Len McCluskey from Unite has also voiced his suport.

From NCAFC: “The first parliamentary vote might have gone through, but this is not the end!

In the New Year let’s take back the streets of London in defence of education and our public sector! Please start mobilising transport etc from your university, school, workplace or union branch for this demonstration now.

* No cuts to jobs, services or benefits – tax the rich to fund public services
* Student-worker unity and action to beat the government
* Withdraw the lifting of the cap on fees – free education for all
* Instead of the scrapping of EMA, a living grant for every student”

PDF Versions of Flyers to be Printed Out and Photocopied:

Open Birkbeck Flyer – Large

Open Birkbeck Flyer – Small


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