EDUCATION FOR ALL: Join the Spring of Resistance!

** Please note that the date of the workshop has been changed from 22 March to 23 March in order to support the UCU strike taking place on the 22nd. The event will be held in Room 321. Link to the updated Flyer below. **

Never before have we faced such massive attacks on higher education in Britain. With 80% cuts in funding for teaching, increased tuition fees, cancellation of the Education Maintenance Allowance and other measures designed to commercialise education—the current reforms have the potential to wipe out access to higher education for a whole generation of students.

In response, students, faculty, staff and workers have come out in massive numbers—through marches, occupations, lobbying campaigns, street actions, strike votes and creative resistance—to protest against these attacks.

The fight is not over. As we join with those who resist austerity measures across the board—whether they be cuts to jobs, housing, social benefits, disability support, arts and health care—there is still time to turn things around.

Get informed. Get involved. Join the fight back.

Upcoming Events:

Open Birkbeck Film Screening & Discussion

Screening of The Battle of Trafalgar: The UK Poll Tax Riot & The Columbia Revolt followed by a discussion with David Graeber and Hugo Charlton.

18:00 – 21:00 Saturday March 19, 2011

Room B34, Malet Street Building, Birkbeck

Open Birkbeck Workshop **NOTE CHANGE OF DATE AND ROOM**

17:00-18:30 Wednesday March 23, 2011

Room 321, Malet Street Building, Birkbeck

Learn more about what’s wrong with the Browne Review, it’s impact on higher education, alternatives to the cuts and more…

National Demonstrations Against the Cuts

Saturday March 26, 2011

Join the Birkbeck contingent. Watch the wordpress site for details.

For more info: Email:

OpenBirkbeck is an event in which students, staff and faculty from Birkbeck College create an open space for discussion and deliberation on how we can participate in a society committed to Higher Education for all.



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